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Africa Bambaataa Looking for the perfect Beat 1980 - 1985

Alter Ego Transphormer

Amberland Time Beyond

Aphex Twin Words and Music

Barbarella (Sven Všth & Ralf Hildenbeutel) The Art of Dance 1992

Bartz, Richard Midnight Man

Beastie Boys Check Your Head

Beastie Boys Ill Communication

Beastie Boys Licensed to ill

Beastie Boys Some old Bullshit

Beastie Boys To the 5 Borroughts

Beastie Boys The Sound of Sciene 2 CD`s

Beyer, Adam Ignition Key

Beyer, Adam Recoded

Bolland, C. J. Electronic Highway

Bondzio, Oliver Straight outta D-Town

Brtschitsch, Paul Venex

Carola, Marco Open System

Charlie Lownoise & Mental Theo Charlottenburg

Charlie Lownoise & Menthal Theo Thank you Ravers

Chemical Brothers Surrender

Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust

Chemical Brothers Come with us

Chemical Brothers Remix

Chemical Brothers Dig your own Hole

Chemical Brothers Push the Button

Chemical Brothers Push the Button Remixed Flip the Switch

Chicks on Speed 99 Cents

Chicks on Speed Will save us all (Ana da Silva)

Daft Punk Human afer All

Clarke, Dave Devil`s Advocate

Cox, Carl At the End of the Cliche

Cypress Hill Black Sunday

Cypress Hill Till death do us part

Daft Punk Discovery

Daft Punk Homework

Der 3. Raum Wellenbad

Der 3. Raum Distanz

Der 3. Raum Mental Modulator

Der 3. Raum Raumgleiter

Der 3. Raum Klubraum

Die Fantastischen Vier 4:99

Die Fantastischen Vier Die 4.Dimension

Die Fantastischen Vier Lauschgift

Die Fantastischen Vier Viel

Diggler, Dirk Atomic Dancefloor

DJ Friction Sciene Friction

DJ Hell NY Muscle

DJ Rush Shall we Dance ?

DJ Rush Jack ! 2x

CD 1=The Album CD 2=The Pro-Jex Mix up by DJ Rush

DJ Taucher Return to Atlantis

DJ Tonka Peaktime

Earth Nation Terra Incognita

Faithless No Roots

Felix da Housecat Excursions

Felix da Housecat Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever

F.E.O.S., Pascal From the Essence of Minimalistic Sound

F.E.O.S., Pascal Self Reflexion

Fixmer, Terence Muscle Maschine

Future Sound of London We have Explosive

Garnier, Laurent 30

Garnier, Laurent The Cloud Making Machine

Hardfloor Funalogue

Hardfloor Respect

Hardfloor TB Resuscitation

Hawtin, Richie DE9 Closer to the Edit

Hawtin, Richie Decks,EFX+909

Heckmann, T. P. Tanzmusik

Heil, Johannes Feiern KA63CD

Heil, Johannes Heilstyle

Heil, Johannes Reality to Mudi

Henze, J. W. Passengers only

International Pony We love Music

Junkie XL Big Sounds of the Drags

Junkie XL Saturday Teenage Kick

Junkie XL Radio JXL

Kid Alex Colorz

Kruse, Monika & Voodooamt Panorama

Kruse, Monika & Voodooamt Passengers

Landstrumm, Neil She took a bullet meant for me

Laux, Heiko Ornaments

Laux, Heiko Offshore Funk

Lekebusch, Cari The Architekt

Liebing, Chris Evolution

Lorber, Frank Jailhouse Rocker

Lucien ? N ? Luciano Blind Behaviour

Mayer, Michael Immer

Mills, Jeff Purpose Maker

Miss Kittin & The Hacker The First Album

Miss Kittin I com

Miss Kittin Elektroclash

Mix Master Mike Anti ? Theft Device

Mix Master Morris God Bless the chilled

Moby Animal Rights

Moby Everything is wrong
Moby I like the Score

Moby Little Idiot

Moby Play

Moby Move
Moby The Best of?

Moby Hotel

Morgenstern, Christian The Lydia EP

Mousse T. All Night Madness

Novy, Tom My Definition

OFF (Sven Všth) Organisation for Fun 1988 !!!
OFF (Sven Všth) Ask Yourself 1989 !!!

Phats & Small This time around

Phats & Small Now phats what i small Music

Picotto, Mauro The Album

Plastikman aka Richie Hawtin Consumed

Plastikman aka Richie Hawtin Closer

Prodigy Music fort he Jilted Generation

Prodigy Always Outnumbered, ever Outnumbered

Remus, Marco Remus fŁr die Massen

Rios, Toni Danza Electronica

Rios, Toni Kiss

Robert Miles Dreamland
Run DMC Raising Hell

Sienkiewicz, Jacek Techne

Sienkiewicz, Jacek Displaced

Slim, Fatboy Pockaville

Slim, Fatboy Essential Millennium

Slim, Fatboy Halfway between the Gutter and the Stars

Slim, Fatboy You`ve come a very long way Baby

Slim, Fatboy The Fatboy Slim ? Norman Cook Collection

Technasia Future Mix

The Advent The New Beginners

The Hacker Reves Mecaniques

Thievery Corporation The Cosmic Game

Tok Tok vs. Soffy O. The Album

Tresor.121 Scan7 Resurfaced

Tresor.214 Beltram, Joey Rising Sun

Turntablerocker Classic

Turntablerocker Smile

Twin, Aphex Drukqs

Van Dyk, Paul Seven Ways

Všth, Sven Accident in Paradise

Všth, Sven The Harlequin-The Robot and The Ballet Dancer

Všth, Sven Fusio

Všth, Sven Six in the Mix Remix-Album

Všth, Sven Contact

Všth, Sven Fire

Všth, Sven Fire Works Remix-Album

Velvet, Green Whatever

Villalobos, Ricardo Alcachofa

Westbam Right on

Wink, Josh Hear Hear

Wink, Josh 20 To 20

Zombie Nation Leichenschmaus

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