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Mix CD`s & Compilations


A Nightmare in Rotterdam  Part four

Acid Attack Vol.1  2 CD`s

Acid Flash Vol.6

Acid Junkies  The Acid Life 1

Acid Junkies  The Acid Life 2

Airport presents Departure Mix Series Vol.1  2 CD`s

CD 1 = Pascal F.E.O.S.  CD 2 = DJ Sebbo

Alarma  The New Club Style  2 CD`s

Allien,Ellen  Flieg mit Ellen Allien

Acquaviva, John  From Saturday to Sunday  2 CD`s

Assorted  E for Europe

Audio CD 1  DJ Mix Series Vol.1 by Monika Kruse

Audio CD 2  Audio Compilation Vol.1 by Chris Liebing

Audio CD 3  DJ Mix Series Vol.2 by Gayle San

Audio CD 4  Audiophonic Vol.1 by Christian Weber

Audio CD 5  Audiophonic Vol.2 by Christian Weber

Audio CD 6  DJ Mix Series Vol.3 by Steve Stoll

Audio CD 7  Audio Compilation Vol.2 by Chris Liebing

Audio CD 8  Audiophonic Vol.3 by Christian Weber

Audio CD 9  Audio Compilation Vol.3 by Michael Burkat

Audio CD 10  Audio LP01  Basic Implant  Back in Black

Audio CD 11  DJ Mix Series Vol.4 by Pounding Grooves

Audio CD 12  Audiophonic Vol.4 by Christian Weber

Audio CD 13  DJ Mix Series Vol.5 by Michael Burkat

Audio CD 14  Audiophonic Vol.5 by Christian Weber

Audio CD 15  Inconstant Places by Michael Burkat

Audio CD 16  DJ Mix Series Vol.6 by Mhonolink

Audio CD 17  Audio Compilation Vol.4 by Michael Burkat

Audio CD 18  Audiophonic Vol.6 by Christian Weber

Audio CD 19  Steve Stoll  Windows on the World

Audio CD 20  DJ Mix Series presents  Ben Sims  Escapism

Audio CD 21  Early Works by Chris Liebing 

Audio CD 22  Oliver Ho  Universal

Audio CD 23  Lars Klein  Until further Notice

Audio CD 24  DJ Mix Series Vol.7 by Gayle San at la Real Oviedo Spain

Audio CD 25  Audiophonic Vol.7 by Christian Weber

Audio CD 26  Five Years of Fine Audio by Christian Weber

Bailey, Marco  Gazometertraxxx Earth  Mix CD

Bartz, Richard live !!!  At Cocoon Club Amnesia Ibiza

Best of Pizzicato `97  2 CD`s

Beyer, Adam  Stockholm Mix Sessions

Beyer, Adam  The Time Warp Compilation Vol.3

Bonzai Compilation Vol.5  2 CD`s

Bonzai Extrem Chapter Compilation Vol.2  2 CD`s

Bonzai Megamix by DJ Yves

Bonzai Phase 6

Brazilectro  Latin Flavoured Club Tunes  Limited Edition Box !!!  Session 1 - 6


Brazilectro  Latin Flavoured Club Tunes  Session  One

Brazilectro  Latin Flavoured Club Tunes  Session Two


Brazilectro  Latin Flavoured Club Tunes  Session Three

Brazilectro  Latin Flavoured Club Tunes  Session Four

Brazilectro  Latin Flavoured Club Tunes  Session Five

Brazilectro  Latin Flavoured Club Tunes  Session Six

Brenner, Ulli  Mix Club Tunes No.4

Bug, Steve  presents The Flow

Cafe del Mare Volumen Siete  Compiled by Bruno

Chillout 2000  Now Party`s over

Clarke, Dave  World Service  2 CD`s

CD 1 = Techno Mix  CD 2 = Electro Mix

Clubnight Vol.2 Mix by Talla 2XLC 

Clubnight Vol.4 Mix by Pascal F.E.O.S.  2 CD`s

Clubnight Vol.5 Mix by Tom Novy  2 CD`s

Cocoon Recordings Compilation A

Cocoon Recordings Compilation B  Gefährliche Liebschaften

Cocoon Recordings Compilation C

Cocoon Recordings Compilation D

Compressed Label Compilation Vol.1  Mix by Michael Burkat

Cox, Carl  Global  2 CD`s

Cox, Carl  F.A.C.T.2  2 CD`s

Cox, Carl  First Session  Crobar Chicago

Cox, Carl  Second Session  Area2 Detroit

Daft Punk  Alive 1997 Birmingham

Definition of House Vol.6  2 CD`s

DJAX-IT-UP 15 Year Anniversary Album Mixed by Miss Djax

DJ Convention  Trip to Millenium  CD 2

DJ Düse in the Mix  Mai 2004  Promo

DJ Hardcell  Evil Deceptions Vol.1

DJ Hooligan  The Poison Club Compilation Vol.2

DJ Karotte  Stick of Joy  2 CD`s

DJ Overload  Overloaded  First Mix CD !!!

DJ Pierre vs. Marco Cannata  2 Dijital Journeys into Digital Funk  2 CD`s

DJ Rolando a.k.a. The Aztec Mystic  Jaguar

DJ Rush  Chicago - Berlin  Mix CD

DJ Waz  Favorite Tools 06

Dream Dance Vol.1,3,4,6,9,10  je 2 CD`s

Electric Kingdom & Westbam  Mix CD

Electric Kingdom  We are Loud

Essential Underground Vol.1  Mijk van Dijk & Tobi Izui  Berlin-Tokio  2 CD`s

Essential Underground Vol.2  Marco Remus & DJ Rush  Berlin-Chicago  2 CD`s

Essential Underground Vol.3  DJ Rok &  Claude Young  Berlin-Detroit  2 CD`s  

Essential Underground Vol.4  Miss Yetti & Marco Bailey  Berlin-Brüssel  2 CD`s

Essential Underground Vol.5  Frank Müller & Angela Flame  Berlin-Beroshima/Singapur  2 CD`s

Essential Underground Vol.6  Andre Galluzzi a.k.a. Taksi & John Selway  Berlin-New York  2 CD`s

Essential Underground Vol.8  Felipe & Johannes Heil (Live Studio Mix)  Vienna-Frankfurt  2 CD`s 

Eye Q Compilation  Five Years of Eye Q Music  2 CD`s

Fabric 19  by Andrew Weatherall

Fatboy Slim  On the Floor at the Boqtique

Fatboy Slim  Live on Brighton Beach

F.E.O.S., Pascal  Remixed

F.E.O.S., Pascal  Rize and Fall

First Class  The Finest in House Vol.2  2 CD`s

First Class  The Finest in House Vol.3  2 CD`s

Frankfurt Trax  Defender of the Faith Vol.5

Frankfurt Trax  Return to Zero Vol.6  2 CD`s

Franssen, Stanny  Gazometertraxxx Storm  Mix CD

Frisbee Records  Compilation  Airborn

Fuse presents...DJ Hell

Funk D`Void  iFunk

Gadgets live !!!

Galic, Mate  DJ Collection Vol.1

Galluzzi, Andre  ...Im Garten

Gary D.  D.Trance Vol.5  3 CD`s

Generation Techno The Classix  1990 - 2000 !!!

Goa Rave Compilation

Groove  The Compilation Vol.3

Groove  The Compilation Vol.4

Happy Hardcore Vol.4  2 CD`s

Happy Rave Vol.2,3,4  je 2 CD`s

Hardcore Mix CD

Hardfloor Promo CD !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hardfloor presents X-Mix  Jack the Box

Harthouse Chapter 1  The Point of no Return

Harthouse Chapter 2  Decicated to the Omen

Harthouse Chapter 3  Axis of Vision

Harthouse Chapter 4  Global Virus

Harthouse Chapter 5  Bitter Fruits

Harthouse Chapter 6  Six Flaggs

Harthouse Chapter 7  1.327 Tage

Harthouse Chapter 8  2 CD`s

Harhouse 100  HH100 CD !!!

Harthouse Taste it Vol.2

Heckmann, T. P. & Henze, J. W.  All you can eat  Spezial Mix CD

Henze, J. W.  DJ`s Homebase 4

Hess, Nils  The Sound of Eukatech Five  Mix CD

Hotel Stadt Berlin  A Showcase of new Eletronic Record Labels from Berlin

House Marke Vol.1  Compiled by Melanie de Tria

Huntemann, Oliver  Total Confusion Vol.1

Hypno Trance Vol.1 & 2  je 2 CD`s

In Case of...Frank Lorber

In Case of...Piet Blank

Intelligent Innovation Vol.4  2 CD`s

International Deejay Gigolos  CD Six selected by DJ Hell

Ishii, Ken presents X-Mix  Fast Forward & Rewind

It`s Progressive Vol.1  2 CD`s

Jefferson Airplane  Feed your Head


Kanzleramt  The Best of Kanzleramt 2001  (The Compilation Vol.1)

Kanzleramt  The Compilation Vol.2

Kanzleramt  The Compilation Vol.3

Kanzleramt  The Compilation Vol.4

Kanzleramt  Fully Fledgeo  2 CD`s

Kruse, Monika  On the Road Mix Vol.1

Kruse, Monika  On the Road Mix Vol.2

Lärm 1  Non Stop DJ Mix

Lärm 2  Non Stop DJ Mix

Lärm 3  Non Stop DJ Mix

Laux, Heiko  Temp. Space  Mix CD

Le Petit Prince  303% Acid Vol.2

Little Computer People  Electro Pop

Lopez, Marcos  Chill Out Area 2

Love Train Compilation  2 CD`s

Mach 1  Best of German House Clubs Vol.2 2 CD`s

CD 1 = Mix by George Morel   CD 2 = Mix by Andry Nalin 

Maria, Acid % Indigo, Electric  Welttour Mix CD  2 CD`s

Mason, Steve In the Mix  Vol.1

Mason, Steve  In the Mix Vol.2

Massimo  Definition of Techno Vol.1

Massimo  Definition of Techno Vol.2

Mayday  X  2 CD`s 

Mayday  The Great Coallition  2 CD`s

Miss Kittin  On the Road Mix CD

Miss Yetti  More favorite Tools

Mix Unlimited Position Nine

Morel, George  In the Mix Vol.3  The Finest in House

Morgenstern, Christian  The Future is on Fire  The Kanzleramt Years

Mr. C. & Sven Väth  In the Mix  1994

MTV Ibiza 2000  2 CD`s

MTV Ibiza 2001  2 CD`s

Neue Heimat  Electronic Music Made in Germany  2 CD`s

Neue Heimat 2  Electronic Music Made in Germany  2 CD`s

Novy, Tom  M1 Recordings  Das Album 2

Ongaku  The Compilation CD One

Pacha  The World`s Famoust Club Sound  2 CD`s

Palazzo Mix CD Vol. One  Mixed by Marco Remus

Palazzo Mix CD Vol. Two  Mixed by Gayle San

Palazzo Mix CD Vol. Three  Mixed by DJ Rush  

Phunky Data  Fashion or not ?

Planet of Rave  2 CD`s

Plastikman a.k.a. Richie Hawtin  MixMag live Vol.20

Plastikman a.k.a. Richie Hawtin  Closer 

Prodigy  The Dirtchamber Vol.1

Puls 4  The 4th Dimension  2 CD`s

PV Label Compilation Vol.3  5 Years PV-Records  2 CD`s

CD 1 = Mix by Brothers Yard  CD 2 = Unreleased exclusive Tracks

R.M.B.  The World is yours

Rachmad, Steve  In the Mix

Raum...Musik präsentiert  Musik 018 CD

Rauschen 14  Mix by DJ Rush

Rave & Cruise  The Odessey  2 CD`s

Rave Base  Phase 2  2 CD`s

Rave City  Beyond the Mind  2 CD`s

Rave Mission

Rave Mission Vol.5  2 CD`s

Rave Now Vol.4  2 CD`s

Rave on Snow  The Compilation Edition 2001

Rave the Nation  2 CD`s

Raver`s Megamix by Ravemaster T.  2 CD`s

Raveline 10 Jahre  La La Land Compilation  2 CD`s

Red, Alex  More favorite Tools 13

Resident E.  Episode 6  2 CD`s

Rios, Toni  More favorite Tools

Rios, Toni  DJ`s Homebase Vol.1

Rios, Toni  DJ`s Homebase Vol.2

Rios, Toni  In The Mix  Secret Ingredients

Ruhr Area`s House Vol.1

San, Gayle  At the Wheels of Stell

San, Gayle  More favorite Tools

Saunderson, Kevin present X - Mix  Transmission from Deep Space Radio

Schranz & Schredder  Compilation  2 CD`s

Schranz Werke 2  Compilation  2 CD`s

Schumacher, Thomas  Perlen 2 

Schumacher, Thomas  Sci-fi Level 4.4 

Schumacher, Thomas  The Best of...

Schumacher, Thomas  Mix CD

Slater, Luke  Fear and Loathing DJ Mix Project  2 CD`s

Slave to to Rave  The Best in Hardcore, Techni, Rave and Gabba  2 CD`s

Snap  The Cult of Snap  1990 - 2003  2 CD`s

Sonne Mond Sterne  The Compilation 2000

Sound of Eukatech 3  Mix by Richard Summerhayes

Sound of the Underground Vol.2  2 CD`s

Sounds of Live Vol.2

Space Night  Compilation Vol.1  2 CD`s

Space Night  Compilation Vol.5  2 CD`s

Stammheim Heimfidelity Vol.1  Mix by DJ Pierre

Stammheim Heimfidelity Vol.2  Mix by Oliver Huntemann

Stammheim Heimfidelity Vol.3  Mix by Marky

Stammheim Heimfidelity Vol.4  Mix by Marky

Stammheim Heimfidelity Vol.5  Mix by DJ Pierre

Stammheim Heimfidelity Vol.6  exPIERREiments Mix by DJ Pierre Stammheim & DJ Pierre Fuse Brüssel

Stand House  Clubbing at the Beach

Stand House Vol.3 Clubbing at the Beach  2 CD`s

Tanith  Illegal 001

Techno Club Vol.2  Talla 2XLC meets Tom Wax  2 CD`s

Techno Trax Vol.16  2 CD`s 

Technodrome Vol.1  2 CD`s

Tectronics Vol.1

Tehnika 1

Telle House Compilation

Terminal M  The Label Compilation Vol.1

Terrordrome  Welcome to the Planet Hardcore  2 CD`s

Terrordrome X  The Terrormaster is back  2 CD`s

Tetsuo Vol.4  Compiled by Talla 2XLC

The Chemical Brothers  The Singles 1993 - 2003

The Cosmic Forces of Mu

The History of Techno

The Kruder & Dorfmeister Session 2

This is.......Trip Hop Vol.2

Thunderdome  Hardcore rules the World

Thunderdome  Live Recorded on Mystery Land NL

Thunderdome  Compilation Vol.3  2 CD`s

Thunderdome  The Best of...  2 CD`s

Time Warp 11  Compilation  2 CD`s

Touch Tone Recordings Label Mix CD Vol.1  Mix bx Michael Burkat

Touch Tone Recordings Label Mix CD Vol.2  Mix bx Lars Klein

Trance Nation 96  2 CD`s

Trancemaster Vol.9 & 11  je 2 CD`s

Transmissions Vol.1  Mix by John Acquaviva

Tresor Berlin Compilation 1992 !!!  Auferstanden aus Ruinen

Tresor.115  Various Artists  Globus Mix Vol.3  DJ Rok  Sturm und Drang

Tresor.163  Various Artists  Tresor Compilation Vol.10 !!!

Tresor.174  Various Artists  Tresor Compilation Vol.9

Tresor.180  Various Artists  Annex 4  14 Tracks never released on CD !!!

Tresor.185  Various Artists  11 Jahre Tresor Records !!!  3 CD`s

Tresor.195  The Advent  Sketched for Life  2 CD`s

Tresor.205  Various Artists  Tresor never Sleeps

U60311 Compilation  Techno Division Vol.1  Mix by Chris Liebing  2 CD`s  

U60311 Compilation  Techno Division Vol.2  Mix by DJ Rush  2 CD`s

U60311 Compilation  Techno Division Vol.1  Mix by Carl Cox  2 CD`s  

U60311 Compilation  Techno Division Vol.4  Mix by Chris Liebing  2 CD`s 

U60311 Compilation  House Division Vol.1  Mix by DJ Karotte  2 CD`s  

U60311 Compilation  House Division Vol.2  Mix by Tobi Neumann  2 CD`s  

Umek  The Torture Chamber 2

Umek on Monoid

Umek  The Time Warp Compilation Vol.4

Underground Collection  The Selected Works 1993 - 1999  2 CD`s

Universal Prime Break  Session One

Van Helden, Armand  New York: A Mixed Odyssey

Väth, Sven  Touch Themes of the Harlequin-The Robot and the Ballet Dancer

Väth, Sven  Six in the Mix

Väth, Sven  Retrospectiv  1990 - 1997

Väth, Sven  In the Mix  The Sound of the First Season

Väth, Sven  Cocoon 2001  Ministry of Sound Mix CD  (UK Import)

Väth, Sven  In The Mix  The Sound of the Second Season  Noche y Dia  2 CD`s

Väth, Sven & Hawtin, Richie  In the Mix  The Sound of the Third Season

Väth, Sven  In the Mix  The Sound of the Fourth Season  Mon - Day  2 CD`s

Väth, Sven  In the Mix  The Sound of the Fifth Season  CD & DVD

Villalobos, Ricardo  Love Family Trax

Villalobos, Ricardo  In the Mix  Taka Taka

Vinyl Junk 4 !!!  Mix CD

Warp 4 Space Mix  Energetic Techno

Wonderland Compilation Vol.2  2 CD`s

Zeitlos live !!!












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